Fuel pump wiring gauge

Hi All,

Does anybody know the gauge of wiring for the fuel pump, specifically from the plug to the top of the sending unit?

Mine has been cut up by the previous owner and had thinner wiring spliced in for a cutoff switch, so i’d like to put it back to normal.

Ideally i’d like to replace the sender but they’re more expensive than I was expecting, even for rusty ones.

Can’t seem to find this information anywhere.


It terrifies me to think that you are driving this car. I don’t like to criticize other peoples cars or what they do to them but this is a fire waiting to happen and no insurance company would pay out. It would also fail any vehicle inspection and rightly so.
A new pump assembly is unbelievably expensive but surely it is cheaper than a new car.
I am really sorry if I have offended you but you have my deepest sympathy if the last owner did this to your car. I hope you manage to get it sorted before something horrible happens.

I feel the same way Joe, it’s less than ideal.

The metal pipe has unfortunately been cut and there’s a rubber hose secured at both ends with jubilee clips, which doesn’t leak suprisingly.

It’s just the mess of wiring I thought was worth sorting out before I can get a new sender for what its worth.

I measured the diameter of the plastic insulator to be about 2.6mm and the stranded copper conductor to be about 1.8mm. Cheers

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Thanks so much for that