Fuel Pump replacement

I apologize if this has already been requested somewhere or does not fall well enough within the competition parameters. But this is something I would love to see how its done! Super useful for all of us still running the original pump.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tylo
I don’t think anyone has requested this yet and to be honest, I am quite surprised. There is probably a good video somewhere online but I haven’t found it yet.
The video does meet the requirements but you haven’t completed your profile yet so I don’t know which country you are in. If you could put up your flag and you are in a qualifying country, you will be in the competition. Thanks for your entry.

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@joe90 me too I’d like to see a video of it too , alot of times on YouTube there is just spam and bloat videos that that don’t really give us a good details, as for me it’s hard to learn when reading it but videos help me so much better

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I recently replaced my fuel pump, replaced it with an AEM highflow pump.

I did it the unconventional way, as I did not have room to drop the tank.

Basically I very carefully cut the brass pipe in the boot, took out the pump housing, replaced the pump, put the housing back and made a double flare joint and a coupler to connect it back up.

If you are interested I could post it on here. I took some photos while doing it.


Please feel free to post anything that you feel will benefit others.
I am concerned about the modification of a fuel line. This could be deemed an insurance problem as the high pressure line may not be tested to the same pressure and may fail.
A video will be released shortly that shows how to do the job without cutting any metal lines or dropping the tank.


Um, you don’t have to drop the tank when replacing fuel pump :flushed:

If you want to do a proper job you do. You will never get the nut off that connects the fuel line to the pump from inside the boot without ruining/ snapping the head.