Fuel priming procedure

Hi All, was wondering if anyone has primed the fuel system on a freshly new build.
I have installed a new fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator, and I was wondering if there is a process to manually turn on the fuel pump using 12v and allow the fuel to flow out of the fuel rail?

I would like to know too. I installed a used engine and won’t start. Timing is dead on and it has fuel and spark.

You should check out hurracan ians youtube channel. Im 100 percent certain he did a video on this after he rebuilt his engine

Yes that kid has done a great job but nothing on fuel priming, I shall probably figure it out myself.

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Not that I have tried it but wanted to know about fuel pump operation. I have heard a few opinions out there but want to make sure which one is correct for those who have done it. So when you connect the battery and turn the ignition key to on and not cranking the engine does the pump come on and supply the required fuel pressure? if the pump does come on then for how long? and will there be fuel pressure in the lines? if there is fuel pressure then I shall see it via the aftermarket fuel pressure gauge I have installed with an AEM FPR? the reason for all this is because i want to know that the fuel has reached the fuel rail when the ignition key is at on and by doing this I shall know that that everything works and there are no leaks and the engine shall crank up immediately instead of waiting for the fuel pressure to reach the rail.
I hope i have understood this correctly so any suggestions and feedback is helpful.
BTW this is all on a freshly rebuilt ready for first startup.

The pump does not come on at key on. It has to see crank signal before it runs.

Ok so please explain how to get fuel pressure to the fuel rail without cranking?

I think it was this video.

Does this one help at all?

I have already seen this one, but mine is a factory build with no fancy stuff or tuning, however a member on GTOUK mentioned something that may be in the manual for fuel priming so I am going to check it out. The bottom line is that I want to get fuel pressure in all the lines and want to see it on the after market fuel gauge and in turn checks for leaks anywhere before I crank her up, that is my idea. Perhaps power the fuel pump with an outside 12v source and turn it on so fuel pressure builds up in the lines?? any ideas?? any suggestions?? from all the GTO master techs?? :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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There is a fuel pump check under the hood in the test harnesses near the firewall.

You could also simply run a hot wire directly to pump power at the pump.

Yes thanks for that info, I shall just hot wire the pump itself

Find the bunch of diagnostic connectors which come up where the windscreen washer fluid does near the battery/suspension top and simply put 12v from the battery to the small BLACK connector and that will directly power the pump (assuming no wiring breaks or earth issue). This is a safe way to check for leaks before you fire up the engine or put all the battery tray in etc.