Fuel Line to gas tank

Hello all my name is John
I have a: 1992 Stealth SOHC with 111,000 miles. I and encountered difficulty removing fuel line fitting from front of car to fuel line to tank when changing fuel pump. Top fitting I removed with some effort, but twisted the metal line coming out of the fuel hat. Got another fuel hat. One of the answers on another site has mentioned cutting the fittings off of both the fuel hat and the fuel feed from the front. Dont want to do that, but if i cant get the line off can the fuel hose be cut and splice in a piece of metal fuel line with fuel injection clamps. Can the 30 year old hose be cut and clamped without leaking. Thanks in advance for any advice.

You learned a valuable lesson right off the bat. When you need to remove the fuel pump you are to remove uncouple the hose from where the hard line meets the soft line right around the rear tires.

The fuel line usually is a bear, but it almost always comes apart with some effort. Even with my car that lived its life in the south I had to put some extra oomph into breaking the fitting loose.

I would not cut the line. You are only asking for trouble doing that.

I was never going to cut the lines. We’ve had this car since new in April 1992. Other than normal maintenance only replaced coil pack, plugs and plug wires, water pump and timing belt plus other running gear items. The hard line fitting is a pain. May end up getting a new rubber fuel line and cut the old one. I’ve seen the available on another sites link. Thanks for your input.

Hi John and welcome to the forum, Joe did a video on the Fuel Lines which may give you some insight, Hope it helps mate.


Thanks for your response. I watched that video yesterday, very educational from Joe. I’m not used to fuel lines being that tight. Plus the unconventional fittings on one end not rotating and on the other end only hard line rotating, weird. Just ordered a new braided stainless steel line with adapters for AN fittings from 3SX Performance. Pricey but will make the job easier in the future.

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