Fuel/brake line install

I am starting the rebuild of my 95 VR4. is there a way to pull the front rear subframe that the steering rack set in, or do I need to pull the motor out to put the fuel and brake lines that follow that go up in between the body and rear subframe.

The subframe just bolts in. You could unbolt the front and rear engine mounts, that attach to the subframe, and leave the engine suspended by the engine and trans mount

are they easy to get to this is the first time i am doing something like this

As someone with a ton of experience working on and tearing down 3s’s its not what I would call difficult, however a novice might find it difficult.

I highly suggest going to 3sx and downloading the factory service manuals. They sometimes can look a bit daunting, but will guide you through things you’ve never done. It will also give you torque specs.

Do I need to remove the steering unit to take the bolts out of the rear engine mount