Fuel assembly 300GT

Trunk / boot floor have beeen hacked to gain access to the fuel pump assembly . The little hatch that you removed to reveal the pump was given back to me in 4 small triangles .image to follow …

That is discusting. I would do prison time if any mechanic did that to my car. I hope you got compensation.


Thats just the start of the trouble another mechanic rotated the engine anti clock wise then started the engine so im now left with duffed top end to deal with aswell .

Better Call Saul!

Time to lawyer up!


Its been to long for that now ive just got to bite the bullet and repair or throw it all in the bin .

If it was a professional garage that did that never let them off as they are supposed to carry insurance to cover any mistakes. As Joe said I would be absolutely fuming. How long since this happened?


1st lockdown . Its just been parked on my drive way since then. Ive looked for other mechanics but most have turned down the job down , the pump have been replaced by myself i just need to repair tue damage left .

He was a mobile mechanic he didnt own workshop / garage .

Which country are you in?

I am down in kent . Just outside london .

He may have been mobile but he certainly wasn’t a mechanic, probably does mobile repairs so he can make a quick getaway.

We know that now dick turpin of a mechanic .

I absolutely agree with the above, that’s a disgrace for a mechanic to think that it would be acceptable to carve up the boot of your car like that. I too would be fuming. There is extensive work there to be corrected, notably welding to replace the cut material and obviously you can’t do that with the fuel tank in situ. So i agree with Joe, i would seek legal advise. Get him to pay for it “but don’t let HIM fix it” clearly he’s a cow boy. by the way the statute of limitations is 6 years to bring a case before court, As the key date for the Statute of Limitations when bringing a claim in tort negligence for property damage is the date of the manifestation of damage from defective work, rather than the date of the defective work itself.
You just have to prove it was him, But I’m guessing he didn’t give you a receipt !.!

Regardless i’d still have a go because at the very least, he won’t like the public attention for shoddy workmanship. And shoddy is an understatement mate.

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I hate to see people getting screwed like this and it makes me cry to see these lovely cars butchered in this way.
The repairs involved to make it look good again will be hundreds if you don’t have the tools, skill and materials. You will still need a new floor pan section and that won’t be cheap.
At the very least, you will need to drop the tank but possibly the exhaust and subframe as well in order to do an invisible weld and get the spot welder in.
Once you add in the spraying as well, you are talking 2 days labour at £75 an hour.
Let me know if you can get it sorted yourself. If you can’t do it yourself, I can do it for you free of charge as long as you buy materials and allow me to show the work on the forum.


Can’t ask for better than that, fair play Joe


Fantastic offer Joe. 10 out of 10 mate.


Thank you for that offer joe appreciated very much . As much as i would love to say yes its doesnt run . So the car has 1 more life line. its going to a guy not sure when due to covid & lockdown to have the heads replaced as its not running due to an issue with another mechanic that i got in to do complete water pump and timing belt change . Which again didnt end well .

If i[quote="Joe90, post:2, topic:1402,

If its okay with you joe if i can get the engine sorted and running then the car has half a chance again but i dont see the point if the engine is to badly damaged , Then i dont have a problem with you repairing the boot floor and using the car on your forum .

OK mate, keep me posted. If money, resources and health allow at the time, I will keep the offer open.
If things go bad and you end up scraping the car, would you consider me for first offer so that I have more cars for videos.