Front windshield rust

Hi Joe, I have rust in between the front windshield and the roof. I was wondering if there is a vid in the future to fix this? Not sure if the rubber trim between can be removed or is the front windshield needs to be removed. If so any tips or tricks part numbers would be a great help.

Thanks mate

Jamie from aus

Hi Jamie
It is possible to remove the plastic trim between the glass and roof using a metal pick tool at one end and then pulling up with your hand. Be careful not to catch the glass with the tool as it will break easily in the corner. The plastic is also getting old and is no longer supple so may be a bit of hard work to remove. I had no plans to cover windshield glass removal as this is a professional job and can be costly if you make a mistake. That said, I do have a car that needs a new screen so I may do this on video if it helps out. Just give me a few weeks. Thanks.


Hey Joe
Really big thank you for the new video, really appreciate it mate you are a absolute legend!!!