Front washer fluid tank level sensor

Car is a 1996 base model 3000gt. My front washer fluid level sensor is leaking so I bought a new one from mitsubishi. Has anyone ever removed the old one and fitted a new one? How exactly is this old one supposed to be removed and how is the new one supposed to be fitted? Cant seem to find any information in the service manual on how this part is removed and installed.

You can use a flat head screwdriver or plastic pry tool to go between the seal and the inner white plastic bit to pop the inner white plastic bit out of the outer lip on the seal and then just keep pulling out it will come out. Then you can remove the rubber seal.

To fit the new one, put the rubber seal in first, then slide and push the new white plastic inner unit inside and make sure you get it all the way in and the rubber seal around the end. You can use a bit of coolant as lubrication.


When you say put the seal in first, do you mean push the rubber seal all the way up underneath the float and then insert it? Also do you mean coolant or washer fluid lol

Aaah, my bad, I got carried away thinking I was looking at the coolant overflow bottle with the sensor in there. I see you clearly said washer bottle, lol, sorry, not done one of those!

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i have not done this , but I have fitted lots of thing to strange things . i would try washing up soap , like liquid stuff . that should help slide into place
hope it works

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Hi there, I just did mine a few weeks back and it’s one of the easiest jobs ever done in the 28 years I’ve owned mine. 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T. Just take your time and remove the old one, be sure to wet the new seal upon installation. Before mounting the reservoir back on the battery tray check for leaks with water.