Front Shock Assembly

Hey Guys, I am re-assembling my front shocks as I got new bump rubbers, however when I took the shock apart, the bump rubber was up inside the dust shield, but the diagram shows the bump rubber above the dust shield, Anyone know if the diagram is wrong and that the bump rubber does go up inside ?

i am having the same problem front shocks with diff height problem

I would imagine that 6 inserts part way into the top of 7. That way the dust cover should sit properly

Bump stop definitely goes inside the dust cover on my front shocks

Super, thanks a mill Guys

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Bump stop in pic is upside down the pointed end goes up…look at top mounting plate and you will see it is concave to receive bump stop.

This is the diagram for a 97 JDM GTO … not sure it helps much. I just physically viewed mine and am pretty sure the bump stop goes right up to the top inside of the dust cover.

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