Front ECS struts for '94 3000GT VR4

I know - mission impossible…

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could lead me to a pair of ECS front struts for '94 3000GT VR4. My car will go through complete restoration soon and front struts are still missing.

I am open for following offers:

  • used low mileage struts in good visual and operational condition
  • used but specialist reconditioned items
  • new struts… but we all know that those are impossible to find nowdays

Please do not offer items that have heavy rust damages, are leaking or have visual mechanical damages. Springs, caps or other related items are not required.

Will pay good price for decent pair of struts.

Thank you,


I’m really hoping someday we get to the conclusion on how to rebuild them. I feel the community is getting close. Would be huge and i’m guessing one of joe’s most watched videos other then the timing belt ones.