Front ECS flashing display light

Hi everybody, just joined the forum.

Have had a 1994 Twin Turbo for over 20 years now, very few issues with the car, however; a few weeks back the ECS light started playing up.

When the car is first turned on the display light on the dash is fine, drive a couple of hundred yards and the light starts switching between soft and sport. Hit the control button and it stops on one of the two settings, then after a few hundred yards if starts blinking between the two again.

Has anybody else had this problem, if so, what’s the solution please?

There are a couple of common issues. Those being the wiring at the strut tops or if it’s been sat the valve in the shock seizing.

The most common would probably be the wiring and the easiest fix would be to buy a replacement loom from a breaker. The connections are not common and the loom is very short so they are much easier to replace than repair.

If not the wiring it’s likely a seized valve in a strut. I had this issue and I fixed it by disconnecting the loom going to the strut, leaving the short section of wiring in and making a pigtail loom which I used to work the valve with a 9v battery untill it operated freely. I also set up a multimeter so I could see it cycle through and read the different settings. This was not really needed as there was a very clear audible difference when it freed off (took seconds)
I can’t take credit for this idea I found it posted by another that did it, not sure if here or elsewhere but can confirm it does work
Do not do this with a power probe. The struts do not work on 12v

Either way you need to run a diagnostic to confirm if the fault is indeed a strut and which one. The service manual has the procedure in it on how to read the fault code from the ECS ECU, it’s not too hard to do and you don’t need any special tools

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Thanks, based on that, it looks like I should be able to work this out.

Is there a link to a service manual anywhere that you are aware of so that I can run that diagnostic on the valves?

Where I got mine