Front Aero dam repair

Hi guys
Does anybody know what is the plastic material used for the front aero tray?
I think Joe might be able to answer but if anyone knows what glue will work would be great
I got a small damage that I think is repairable but it will need support with glue

I’m no expert, and don’t know what kind of plastic it is, but I patched some holes in mine with some ABS plastic and 3M Industrial Plastic Adhesive (part 4475): Front Active Aero Tray Restoration - #31 by UselessPickles

It’s been holding up without issues for a year now.

AFAIK it is some kind of polyethylene.

There should be a 3 letter stamp on it somewhere indicating what material was used in making it. An example would be PUR which stands for polyurethane. Once you find that, you can get a plastic welder kit with the correct material rods to make a proper repair.

I purchased a welder kit off Amazon and repaired the front bumper of my 3rd gen firebird a month ago. They have videos on how to use it, it’s very easy.

Here’s a link:
Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder , Red