Front active aero tray

I realise it’s doubtful but does anyone have a front plastic tray going? My motor works but for some reason missing the plastic tray :blush:

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They are extremely hard to come by, but I believe a guy called Jensen is working on replicating them. If you search these forums you’ll see he was working on a CF version but I think the outcome will be just getting them made in regular plastic type material. I think Joe might have something on the back burner too.

I would also be interested in a new aero tray, I’m sure replacements will come along one day.

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I’m going to attempt a one-off of mine. I’ll let you know when i do it and if it survives. Mine is warped, so I’ll have to one-off it then rework the mold.


Here’s a thought after watching sobre car shows, we might be able to have it 3D printed at a body shop that has an industrial size printer. All we need is the schematic from Mitsubishi.

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