Front Active Aero Tray Repair

Anybody had any success repairing torn out holes on the Aero tray? Appears to be more tricky than expected. Obviously it needs to retain the flexibility but have integrity. I’ve tried fiberglass, plastiweld but with the plastic being so thin, doesn’t appear to have much edge to bond to.
I don’t want a dogs dinner repair as I want a seemless appearance but will be strong to endure long-term use of the tray.

Suggestions welcome.

You should be able to plastic weld it… I did that with many using both the traditional welding, and where it was just thorn I welded steel rods into the plastic to give it strength again and bonded the edges… It has held up fine for me

I used flat aluminium bars and drilled holes and used stixall to bond with the cover, i used penny washers on every whole and again bond them with stix all so that the holes have extra resistance. Till now its working fine.