Front Active aero motor

Morning all
Does anybody know if there’s power going to the front Active Aero motor when you turn on the ignition or do you only get power going to it when you press the active aero switch?

There is a computer at the back of the trunk on the left hand side, whick has 3 relays, it give signal to the front aero if the front is ok, another relay goes in a the rear aero goes up. Change the relays might be a splendid thing to do.

Thanks I’ll give that a try :+1:

If the aero signal on the cluster stays on the problem is from the front aero. If the front dont work, the rear won’t work either. Mine had everything, the front was stuck after i fixed the front the rear was not moving, had to change cable and limited switches in the wing, but still no luck after i tried to open the module and it was from those relays. Change them even if they seem good, my electrician tested them one by one, he told me they all work and when he put back again he didn’t care in which pos they were, so when we tried again the front worked once and the rear also but it didn’t go back in place. I told the electrician to change all of them. And after we tried it, all worked well. :slight_smile:

I just haven’t got any power going to the front motor, I think I must have a break in a wire because I’ve got power at the fuse and power at the active aero switch.

If the relays are not working, you will have no power, you can try directly connecting the front motor to a battery to check if it works.

Yeah tried that the motor works fine.
It’s just a case of getting the multimeter out at the weekend and do some testing.

Great hope everything goes smoothly :slight_smile:

It probably won’t I hate electrics :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: lol

I had to take off the computer again, one relay seems to get playing again by stucking the front aero, shit of chinas relays. Im still waiting for the electrician to buy something better.