Free gift for patreons

Hi patreons
I have another free gift which has been made just for you and only you.
If you have been a mid or top level patreon for 3 months or more , I will send you one of these exclusive t-shirts for free.

If you would like one, just send me a private message or WhatsApp message with your name, address and phone number along with your size M L or XL.

Please note that I do not keep records of personal details but if you would like me to, just let me know.
Top level patreons will also receive a free mug. Let me know if you have not received one yet as I know that some people have. The mug is strictly for top level patreons I’m afraid.

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Hi Joe, how can I find you on patreon page?

To be honest, I don’t know. People usually contact me privately on here by clicking on my avatar and then click on message.

Joe´s patreon page can be found here: 3000gt are creating 3000GT / GTO Restoration | Patreon