Fixing up my dads old GTO

Yo my dads GTO has been sat for 4 years in a garage and he has passed me the keys but I only have 6 months of mechanic experience as I am only an apprentice. I want to fix her up and get her running, any tips or advice would be appreciated!! :skull: :racing_car:

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Would you like to tell us what the problem is and which country you are in?
Maybe we will be able to help.

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I am from the UK and there is an alarm on the vehicle that can only be deactivated via key fob which is getting sorted today but if the key fob fails do you possible know how to remove the alarm? It’s a red flashing light in centre console which means it’s in. If the alarm is on in the car it will not start, there are more issues with the car but that is the major one in the way of progress atm cheers!

These alarms are a personal hate of mine. Most of the ones that I have seen have been fitted by butchers and not what I consider to be professional. They hack up the wiring loom and trash the dashboards etc. Putting the car back together how it should be is not a job to be taken lightly, especially if you don’t have good electrical knowledge. A single mistake could cost you a car if it goes up in smoke. It is quite a big job and if it is a multi stage alarm, will take 4 plus hours if you want it to look professional. As a quick guide, you just have to cut out all of the wires that come from the alarm and reconnect the original wires using the colour codes but every alarm is different and the quality of the fitting will vary wildly. The best advice I can give is don’t do it yourself unless you have good electrical knowledge. Where are you in the UK?


If it’s been installed properly it will be hard wired into the cars loom underneath the dash do you know what make of alarm it is, abs I have some wiring diagrams of certain makes of alarm

Yeah I can see what you mean but the dash being messed up as all these wires are all scrunched up together and held up by zip ties under the dash, I managed to sort the key fob out which turns the alarm off so that’s a win win atm but I am going to put new petrol into it once I have dropped the old fuel tomorrow and see if the car starts should there be any pro cautions I should be aware off before trying to start it? I am from Warrington

Personally, I’d get rid of that alarm, as Joe says probably fitted badly and even if it wasn’t they can be unreliable after a few years. If you do some research on how alarms are fitted and how they operate, uninstalling one may not seem as daunting. Most units only have 2 immobilising circuits so only 2 of the cars circuits to be remade, all other connections are just soldered or scotch locked on.
On cars of this era, it would almost definitely the fuel pump relay and solonoid throw wire which are immobilised.
If the car is being started for the first time in over 4 years I would replace the fuel filter and check the timing belt or ideally replace it .
Once the car starts , keep an eye on oil pressure and temperature , have a listen for any ticks or squeaks , see how the clutch operates , coolant circulation, fans kicking in , no battery light etc.
Don’t leave it running too long , replace oil and coolant and do more checks.

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Thank you very much for the advice! I am going tonight to do a full check over with one of my colleagues and to drop the old fuel and put fresh fuel into the car, I’ll will keep you guys informed on anything I am unsure of and possibly need help fixing but hopfully it won’t be to bad, the alarm is somthing I would like to sort out but since I’m not 100% with the electrical side of things I wouldn’t wanna risk making it worse so for the time being I’m going to focus on the engine then work my way up from there as the alarm can be turned off using the key fob now so it’s sorted for the time being, again thank you for the help guys!

Right, I have fixed the alarm situation with a key fob now the alarm can be deactivated, once the red flashing light stopped, we tried to start it and it would crank over finally but it seems to sound like there isn’t enough power like the power is to weak to fully crank the car over and there is a fuel leak where the fuel pipe and the fuel rail is connecting, does anyone have any idea where I can possibly find these parts?

You should not need new parts, just a new o ring seal which you can get from any engineering or hydraulics shop for about £1. A slow turn over would normally indicate a low or bad battery.


Alright nice one, and yeah im gonna try and sort out the battery as soon as possible