First Gen/MK1 engine covers

I have a set of clear poly-carbonate covers up for sale. There are a few very minor imperfections as seen in the pics, so I am selling them as is and on a very discounted price.
The set includes two cam gear covers and one lower timing cover as pictured.
A fixed price of £300 which includes insured shipping to UK.

I’m in the United States, can they be shipped here? And what would the price be in American dollars.

Hi Nat, I just sold the set to a GTOUK member, however, I am in the process of getting another one made from the manufacturer hopefully without any imperfections. Quality and packaging shall be inspected by me before I place an add for them. Price without imperfections like the set I have and installed on my 92TT shall be $350 for the 3 piece set shipping excluded. I am also in the US and so are you so shipping wont be that much. I have already sent an email to the manufacturer to get a set made, usually if she has one in stock it takes around 10 days to get to me from overseas, if not I can keep so posted on ETA.

Will that work on the 93TT ?

I am not 100% sure since I have never owned anything over a 92, however if you have the crank angle sensor set up, then it is no because the timing cover and the rear cam cover design is a bit different for the second generation GTO’s.

Hello patrons, just an update, the covers have been sold and hopefully this member shall post pics and video on what they look like on his GTO.