Finally got a wash in

It was Texas hot, but I washed and waxed the car. That spot on the hood? A reflection of the only cloud that was trying to help out. Anyone got any ideas on how to get the stock rims to look new again? They’re kinda stained and I’ve scrubbed off what I can.


The cars looking great. Can you upload a picture of the staining so I can see what the cause is? Different cause have different solutions.

I had a bad morning, my mirror decided to commit suicide on the freeway on the way to work.

Search on YouTube “Mojo +3000GT”. I learned how to paint the rims to make them look good again. As for the mirror, that’s an easy fix. Go to the junk yard and pick one up for cheap. Search YouTube “bric-a-brac + 3000gt” he has junk yard tips and wheel restoration too.