Fault codes and how to read

Hi all anybody know how to read and decipher fault codes on the mk1 gto. Cheers.

Hey there,

I know that Hand Held Halo Software works with the mk1’s if you are looking to do it using a computer. Though do note that this is not the most reliable way as OBD1 was not standardised and therefore it is a bit of a guessing game unlike OBD2.

It can also be done by using an LED bulb + resistor and then plugged into the OBD port however i have no experience with this. If i remember correctly it is covered in the manufacturers manual.

Instructions for reading codes with an analog multi-meter (similar approach with an LED would work): Stealth 316 - Reading Diagnostic Codes - 1991-1993 3S models

Here’s a nicer option if you want to conveniently read codes and much more: Stand alone Scantool, communicates to all computers on our cars | Mitsubishi 3000GT & Dodge Stealth Forum

Thanks for the info Jeff. I think I might get hold of one of these and give it a go. You guys have easy access to so much stuff and parts than we do. For the average guy this is a lot of money though so I am going to do a video showing the led method that mitch mentions and also with a meter. The LED method costs less than a dollar and can be left in situ for up to date indication of any faults that arise.

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Thats great info guys. Very helpful and quick replies cheers.

It’s probably worth mentioning that reading the code(s) is just the first step. Once you know the code, you still need to know the diagnostic procedure for identifying the root cause of the problem. Volume 1 of the service manual has full diagnostic procedures for each code, and you can download a free PDF copy of the service manual here: Tech - Manuals! Service, Technical , Reference | 3SX Performance Home Page

The scan tool I linked to is overkill for simply reading codes, but it does so much more: live ECU data, ability to clear codes, scan/clear codes on other modules (ABS, ECS, SRS, climate control, etc), perform various diagnostic tests on many modules.

It looks good on paper. Have you tried it yourself?

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Yes, I have one. It was well worth the money to me when I bought my VR4 with an ECS fault, ABS fault, and an intermittent check engine light. It helped me diagnose the problems with confidence and no “throwing parts at the car”. Everything works on my car now :), but my fuel trims tell me I may have a boost leak that I need to look into soon.

Thanks for the information. Although I don’t need one, I think I will get one to help out others.