Exciting news on rare part

I have finally managed to get crankshaft pulleys for the early model cars with v belt power steering. I don’t think that these have been available for the last 10 years.
The only replacement options was to convert to micro v belt for a fortune or buying solid aluminium replacement. Conversion to micro v involves changing the pulley, power steering pump and belt idler /tensioner.
The pulley on your car is already beyond its life span so you will be needing this soon.
If you would like one, just send me a private message by clicking on my avatar and then click on message. They are just £230 which is about half the mitsubishi original price so I am not even going to screw you for this rare part.


Hi Joe,

Although I don’t own a MKI so am not in need of this part - well done for getting this made :+1:


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If you guys dont realise this, then this is BEYOND GOOD NEWS… THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS

I strongly recommend you guys who have an early series car to get 1 of these as they are rarer then hens teeth :chicken:


That’s a great price. I decided to go Fluidampr on my build and deal with whatever pulley/belt difference but if I hadn’t this would be right up my alley.

Great news. I’ll be purchasing one next month. Probably worth changing the bolt at the same time. Are the bolts still available?

The bolts are still available but not cheap.