Evaporator core removal

Car is a 1996 base model. Currently outside and have the glovebox removed as well as the plastic shielding above it. I am trying to get the evaporator out and I am not sure where to go from here. There is this metal bracket going across that i took some screws out of hoping to free it but its still stuck. I also took out some screws holding the plastic vents below it allowing me to bend it down slightly but i cant remove that either. Anyone have any idea what i do next to get that evaporator out?

I figured it out. The black vent at the bottom slides out then you can unclip that red wire with the green on it. Then lower that metal bracket down and off to the side. Then there is 2 bolts way up top holding the evaporator on as well as one at the very bottom. Hooked everything back up and lost the bolt holding the high side hose into the evaporator so now I have no way of putting that hose back in.

So you did this without removing the dash? Joe has some videos on dash removal and it looks fairly simple, especially knowing what’s holding it down and where.

You just dropped the glove box cover and a few trim pieces? I haven’t done one yet but I just got a '94 and I imagine I will someday.

remove the glove box like joe does in his dash removal video. Then there is black vents under it held on by 3 philip screws and a wire connecting to a black box that is on top of those plastic vents. Once you remove that, you remove this metal bracket by sliding it down and leaving it off to the side. Then the only things holding the evaporator in place is 3 bolts. 2 of which are a bitch to get to. Very easy job but kinda annoying. The hardest part is removing the glove box stops. The 2 clips prevent the glovebox from completely dropping when you open it.

Theres the metal bracket and connected to it is the airbag wire. The red wire, just unclip that because its held into another bracket right behind it.