Euro spec differences

Hi, my name is Ian and i’m new to the forum

I really like these cars so i’m always trying to know all the differences between their different model years and market versions and since i’m from Costa Rica there’s no way i’ll ever see an eurospec GTO, 3000GT or any rhd car here, anyway my question is

Why eurospec cars (From 1994 to 96-97) have like a little bulge only on the left side of the front bumper?

Thanks and greetings from Costa Rica

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Hi Ian

and welcome to the forum, they are a very friendly bunch on here and very helpful.

The reason for the difference on the front bumper on the UK spec cars is that the raised section is removable to allow the fitting of the towing eye, on the JDM cars the bumper is all in one piece.

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Yeah, it makes sense hahaha
Thank you very much

Welcome to the forum. You got a great looking silver GT.

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Hi Torn, thanks for the welcome

And i wish it was mine, i took that photo from the internet, the car was for sale in the UK