EU turn signal clip

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a pair of the turn signal clip for EU models, pic attached.

Thanks in advance.

The year and model might help others to find the parts

sorry, 1G EU 1993.
This clip is only for this version of 3000GT.


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This page “should” provide the part numbers you need. Best to find parts by their part numbers usually something like MB952955 part number

Parts numbers down the left hand side. MB952955 and MB952956

after a quick search

Thanks, I’ll try to place an order but I already tried elsewhere with no luck, that’s why I posted it here.


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Look at that! You learn something new every day! I had no idea the European spec turn signal light was different than us on these cars.


I suppose it’s the little differences that keep these cars even more interesting than they already are :grinning: I too wasn’t aware of the difference which is why I struggled to find it on the Amayama site which I use for my JDM import GTO

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MegaZip has the codes MB952955/6, but it’s discontinued by Mitsu.
My only hope is to find them used :upside_down_face:

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Bumping up. No luck with autospares