Etac or locks issue

Hello all my name is:Manny
I have a: 3000GT, VR4,

93 vr4. The problem is. That my Etac is giving me problems, or at least I think it is, once I set alarm and later open the door, It won’t start, unless I go to the trunk and open it, go back to ignition. Most of the times it starts and runs fine, also if I Dont start on first turn, it takes long time to start again… I have to activate alarm and do the trunk thing again a few times before it will start…has anybody experienced this ? Is really frustrating !!!

might be trunk latch/solenoid not closing properly or a loose wire. check the latch mechanism is working properly .If it isn’t it may be confusing the alarm/immobiliser ? ie you think it’s locked but the alarm doesn’t.

Is none of those, I rechecked several times, in fact I have to open the trunk for engine to start !

That is the big clue.