Engine Tapping / Knocking?

Hi all, my GTO TT engine is knocking/tapping and I need to do some diagnosis - here’s all of the details;

•Knocking/tapping started after I hit the ground pretty damn hard on a blind summit.

•The oil pan is completely fine.

•The oil light is not on, but the gauge reads extremely low pressure when accelerating/boosting (mentioning as I know these cars have 2 oil pressure measuring systems, and the oil light “matters most”).

•There’s no oil leaking from the car.

•The car had/has an adequate oil level.

•Very little loss of power/boost, drives fine but just has the noise and slightly slower to accelerate.

•The engine is not overheating.

•The underside of the car shows no damage aside for a new scrape on the exhaust down pipe.

•The noise sounds like it’s from the top end (see video).

That’s everything, my guesses are the timing belt has jumped, a burnt valve, or something camshaft related.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Try changing your valve lifters. The old type (1sr gen) have small port holes. They have been modified with larger ports.