Engine Rocker Detailing Before and after

I decided to give the engine bay a new look.

I have never really done this before. so, I thought I would include any mistakes I ran into and the techniques for detailing.

It is important to remove all of original paint. There were some areas (out of sight) where I did not clean or sand the area properly and it led to uneven coating and bubbling.

Metallic Silver for the cylinders

This is where the fun begins. These are paint pens that can be applied to metal as well as other surfaces.

I found these to be great for detailing. They also came in handy for a range of touch ups. From colouring over a rusty screw, to bringing out any raised lettering in the engine bay.

If I was impatient sometimes the colours may bleed together. This was an easy fix as you can simply wait for the layer to dry and reapply any colour that has crossed over.

Lastly, A layer of polycrylic wax can be added as a protective layer.

I am quite happy with the result and hope it gets you thinking about detailing on the GTO.



The Cambelt is missing??

Correct, there is a lot been taken off and put to one side as I am restoring it currently. The next job is new belts, pulleys, tensioner and new water pump going in.

I am dreading it as it is a real pain of a job that has to be done just right.