Engine noise ? PLEASE HELP

Hello all my name is: Augusto
I have a: 3000GT VR4
It has the following issue:

Hello friends, good night.
My name is Augusto, I live in Brazil.
My 3000GT today started to make this noise, and I’m very worried.
Please can anyone tell me what it might be?

Is it just the belt tension?

I am very sad :frowning:

Please, watch the video with the noise

That is really hard to diagnose, but a few tests can guide you in the general direction… Does the sound get worse if you rev the engine just a little bit?? What happens if you press and hold the clutch?? (I have heard some pretty nasty sounds from throwout bearings)

Try those 2 things first, and if the noise/tick gets faster when you gently rev the engine, then go and look around the belts before going to mess with the engine itself.

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Johan is right. This can be hard to diagnose over the net. The more detail you can give, the more accurately we can help you but it would only be best guess and if it looks expensive, get a professional to look at it first.
Was it immediate on start up or did it get worse over time?
Is it there when hot or just cold?
Can you tell the general area the noise is coming from?
Have you checked your oil level?
Do you have full compression or is it lacking power?
Check the things that Johan said, then get back to us with the answers and we can go from there.

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Also, when was the last time you changed spark plugs and wires? My truck made a simular noise when i changed my plugs and wires it went away. Turned out i was leaking spark. The noises sound different in person than they do over video.