Engine mount swap

Does anyone have any how to videos that are specific to our vehicles as far as replacing motor mounts? It seems like you just have to support it then swap them one by one but I don’t want to screw anything up.

I took mine off to do the cambelt change, supported the engine from the top with an engine brace support bar

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Joes video on the cam belt change shows how to take out the mount nearest the cam belt.

Do you have a turbo and if so how hard was the rear engine mount?

I realised we can get poly mounts for 20 dollars each for the front and rear the hard part is getting the mounts out…

No mine is NA. I only took the mount off to get access to the CAM belt. so i only took the one off next to the CAM belt. Using a brace bar, seemed like the safest option. Didnt want to risk, damaging anything if i tried to support it from below.

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