Engine id turbo help needed

Hi guys,

How can I find out what motor I have fitted? As I know there there’s two models if I’m right the 4 bolt forged crank and the 2 bolt earlier models

Is it a sump of jobby ?

What year is your car/engine? The cut-off point between 2 and 4 bolt engines seems to be mid-1992:

“As good as the first versions of the engine were, Mitsubishi decided to make the engine even stronger in 1993 models (starting with June 1992 production-date cars) giving it a 4-bolt main bearing cap girdle (the original used 2-bolt caps with stiffening stays on the middle 4 bolts)”


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Thanks dude mines early 92 but been told a lot of these get swapped so be nice to find out what I have


Apparently you can identify it by differences in the Crank Angle Sensor:


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Spot on thank you ok so if I have cas mine will be a 2 bolt

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