Electronic controlled suspension help

Hello all my name is Ryan
I have a: (GTO mk1 TT)
It has the following issue: ( so since I’ve had my GTO’s ive noticed the ecs has been stuck on sport the whole time of owning it , pressing the ecs button doesn’t change the modes just stays lit on sports , I’ve check the ecu for it in the back and seems to be in good condition with all wiring correctly attached , although it’s hard to tell if it’s actually working although the cars suspension is stiff like it would be if it was actually in sports mode. from checking the front suspension it looks like I have the correct wiring for that and it’s all hooked up from the best i can tell as I’m not 100% where all the front suspension wiring leads , definitely still have the original suspension and not after market.

Start by checking if you have any fault codes. They can often save hours of work.

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What type of fault reader/scanner would you recommend getting for the gto’s

Depends on if you have OBD1 or OBD2

Have to find out tommrow and have a look it’s a 1991 mk1 jap import , i know the 3000gt’s are obd2 from 1995 upwards so guessing it will probally be a obd1

This is probably the best scan tool for OBD1: scan all computers, SRS, ABS, ECS, Transmission, DCC, ETACS, Cruise | Mitsubishi 3000GT & Dodge Stealth Forum

It does way more than a generic scan tool. It handles proprietary communication with most of the modules on these cars.

If your “sport” light is on solid, then there’s probably not a fault code to read. Both “sport” and “tour” flash when there’s a fault. Maybe start with testing the ECS button on the dash itself? Maybe the button itself is not working or not connected, causing it to do nothing.

The scan tool would definitely help if you don’t find an obvious problem with the button because it will allow you to monitor the current state of ECS data, and try forcing the suspension into different modes to confirm whether the ECS controller is able to set the shocks into different modes.


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