Electrical mixed for MK1 VR4

All sort from Mk 1 VR4. Complete loom part tagged.Various sensors and switches attached to loom. A/C heater control unit. Main ECU. Snake Eyes and front orange indicators . Rear wiper motor. V belt and ribbed belt new. MAFF .

How much for snake eyes please

Sent them off to Joe for check over with some of other bits , plus he has new glass.
Message him direct (click on his name pic) and he will sort for you.

Hi Greena! Don’t suppose you still have the switches for the exhaust and the brightness adjustment dial for the clocks? Mine have got quite badly cracked plastic on them. Thanks in advance!

Only switches he left connected to loom are fog , active aero, side mirrors and seat . lots of relays. Sorry.

Bother. Thanks for the reply though!

I may be interested in the ecu if its available and compatible with my car.

Hi Enda
I sent few things on to Joe so speak to him . ECU, Maff ,A/C control box ,snake eyes, front indicators,rear wiper motor and couple of belts.
A gesture as he has been so helpful to help fund the site/videos.

Hello mate

Are you willing to chop the loom? One of my connector pins has rotten out


no probs send me pic of what you want plus what it is/where it is

Spot on dude will do, unfortunately I can’t get to the car until the weekend so will get couple pics of location and what plug it is


OK. outside and pins inside with wires to it, should be good enough to find one.