Electrical Gremlin

Hello all my name is: Angel
I have a: GTO TT
It has a strange issue :

  • Electric windows CAN be operated while the key is NOT on.
  • The window button lights are ON all the time. Also the High Beam dash light is ON (but lights are OFF at the headlights).
  • The functions are working perfectly fine (lights / windows) with or without engine ON or OFF. But there will surely be a battery drain because of the button lights always on.

What would you suggest checking ? Has anyone experienced anything like this?

On my list will be :

  1. current draw check on the battery + pulling each fuse and see where the draw is from # narrowing down the issue.
  2. check if there has been botches done to the windows circuit.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would start with Realys i have issue with my 1991 twin turbo . sometimes it would not try to turn over.
i did check the realys but could not find a fault . i fitted a new one and problem has gone .
i am a sparky and it did not make sense to me

O just a thought do you have the workshop books for these cars ?
I have if you dont.

I have sorted the High Beams on the cluster (always on issue). It was a matter of a rats nest behind the Headlight assembly.
Yes I do have the manuals, I have been reading them a lot before even buying the Mitsubishi :slight_smile:
I have checked the information on it and I have one thing that I need to know.
Does the door trigger switch need to be grounded to the chassis (through the 1 screw that holds it in) in order for it to work properly?

Kind regards,

Door swtich fixed, interior lights work as they should :slight_smile:
Now, there are 4 wires that were cut and replaced with thinner wires and loose metal contacts going out of the door card to somewhere in the engine bay…need to sort that out as it’s clearly a “work of art” done by previous workers on these gems :confused: it clearly is the problem that I have with the power windows always on .