Electric seat wiring


Dear members, do anyone know how the electric driver side leather seats are controlled?
I meant voltage and ampers in the plugs, and which “leg” of the plug controls what.

For example the 2nd electrode/leg from the right at the upper line of legs in the plug controls back curvature with 5V voltage (I just told a dumb example with stupid values), the third is to tighten(or make it wider) the sides of the seat with 5V, etc.

I have a '92 Stealth R/T TT.

If yes, please share this info with me!
Thank you very much!

Please checkout the manuals section. You should find everything that you need.

I found the circuit in the Stealth Technical Information Manual at the 256-257 pages but it just shows the wiring of the circuit (then the manual jumps to the next topic), nothing about control voltages, and the circuit itself doesn’t helps me at all in my case. Maybe I am just too lame to understand the relevant electronics this way, it can easly happen, but I can’t translate it to an exact pin of the plug of a seat.