Electric aerial plastic toothed coil needed

HI, I am looking for the plastic toothed coil insert that operates the electric aerial.

Try car masts UK. Think that’s where I got my new ariel .

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I’m after one too, such a silly design, if I can’t find one, I’m going to design and 3d print one,

thanks I will check it out

that would be great, probably help a lot of members out

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You mean the cog that drives the antenna up??

I Have messaged car masts UK to see if they will give us a bulk discount because these are rather expensive. I will update you when they reply

Thanks Joe, hopefully they can help

This is the cog that’s worn out on mine. Everything else works fine.

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It would be fantastic if we could get some 3d printed ones… That can be a issue for some now when the golden oldies get golden

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Ok cool, I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now, can’t find my damn Vernier gauge. I’ll look for it this weekend and I’ll model it in 3d, see if it works out. Will keep you guys posted.