Electric aerial innards

I have stripped the electric aerial from the 1993 TT 6 speed facelift and the remains of cable and the inside teeth and cogs all seem good. Aerial was broken off (for souvenir?)

Have watched video but just need to know if the ebay one at £8.50 + carriage is ok or does it have to be an OEM or some other special or if you have the correct one in stock.?

motor is stamped MB629125 DENSO.

Plus is the unit right at back corner alongside the aerial the Active aero ECU?

I think that you will have to contact the seller for compatibility. Maybe someone else will know the answer if you tell us which antenna you are looking at. The price doesn’t really help.
The box at the back is for the active exhaust if it is the box I think you are talking about.

Joe’s video made it very easy for me to do, otherwise I would not have attempted it. Thanks Joe

I got this item from Ebay which should be compatible for your motor but like Joe says check with the seller. (Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991-1999 Power Antenna MAST A75) The price has nearly doubled since I brought it a few months ago (Now £50 ish plus £14 postage) I also had to pay £19 import tax before the the Post Office would deliver it. It’s easy to replace just follow Joe’s video. According to my local Mitsubishi dealer the part number that Joe gives in his video is no longer available.

I got mine from car masts UK if I remember correctly and fitted perfectly. Think I paid about 25 quid including delivery.

I have spoken to car masts UK. They no longer have the rod we need and they are not the manufacturer. I have asked if they could get some more if I order 100 pieces but I am still waiting for a reply. I will update you when I have an answer.

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Thanks Joe. Will probably order cheapo to start with and see if it works for tenner. Will let you know if it does.
Thanks for info on ECU can take that out then as no active exhaust so must be aftermarket exhaust.

Is there ECU for active aero somewhere else as the clean up only allows a hello nod on ignition start…

Thanks guys for info and parts number. It was excellent video.

I now have an update on the antenna rods.
This has been harder than expected because I didn’t want to order a thousand pieces.
A significant order has now been placed and I hope to have them by end of February. I will update you with a price as soon as I know the final price after taxes and duty etc.

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Have just fed the ebay one £11 in manually and the outer casing appears to be too big to go into the GTO outer casing. Luckily the unit is on the table so dont have to worry at present as put a manual one in when took this one out. Let me know when you have sorted.