EGR removal, pro & cons

Hi guys, I just got my '93 Z16A TT! :smiley:
I’m opening this thread because on other forums/videos online people are having very different opinion about this valve… So, what are the pro & cons on deleting it and/or retain it?
Which kind of problem I’m going to meet by retain or delete this valve?

I’m kinda confused.

Sorry for my bad english! :sweat_smile:



Hi Marco,

Congratulations on the new car and welcome to the forum! What country are you based in? In the UK, a car with an EGR valve delete might fail an MOT test (annual roadworthiness test) if the tester noticed it.


I’m based in italy, here our MOT test is every two years, I’m not concerned about emission test; anyway the previous owner has installed a gpl system, so it’s “eco” :rofl:


I would also like to know why people block of the EGR … There must be something to it when people choose to do it

EGR info and review, this is from parts website not mine !

The EGR system recirculates exhaust gases back into your intake system, reducing the amount of fresh oxygen entering the cylinders, thus reducing the combustion in the cylinders. Blocking off this system keeps that extra CO2 and exhaust out of the cylinders, thus netting more oxygen, and allowing more fuel to burn for better and more complete combustion. It also helps to keep the intake system cleaner not having the exhaust soot sent back through your intake, netting less carbon deposits and buildup over time.

While the improvement this kit makes are not an obvious feeling of extra top end power, they do improve the smoothness of the running at low to medium revs (round town) running around.
The claims that it gains 11-15bhp may well be true but they cannot be added to the top end power, they are an improvement at the bottom end of the power curve.
It felt that the juddery feeling at low revs were smoothed out, and the engine just felt like it had been serviced and was more urgent.
Fitting takes about an hour, and the most difficult bit is removing the heat shields from the rear turbo.
Don’t forget to remove the EGR valve itself, and also remove the redundant T pieces, and tubing that operates the EGR valve.
The EGR valve looks like a fuel pressure regulator and is located on the windscreen side of the plenum just below the throttle body and is held on by two 12mm Hex headed bolts.
The blanking plate on the exhaust downpipe may turn a funny colour and may lose its anodized look due to the vast amount of heat in that region, but it does not cause any issues and you can’t really see it anyway.
Removal of the valve and flexy pipe will make any future changing the rear bank of spark plugs take about half hour less than normal, after fitment of this kit.
This is probably one of the cheapest improvements you can make to the 3000GT that will increase its driving feel and make it pick up revs much quicker too.


No hp gains. There is no truth to any claims that you will gain hp with a block off. Egr is deactivated during acceleration, and idle.
You engine will create more waste heat.
Your exhaust valves will spend more time running hotter.
The earth will hate you. Why not waste money and time on something else?

Less soot in your intake. Where you can’t see it and it doesn’t really do anything anyway.