ECU Cap blow out

Hello all my name is: Mike

It has the following issue: my son and I just picked up a 91 3000 GT SL. We haven’t started it yet but I found the ECU had a burnt out cap & board. Does anyone know what could have caused this. We have a rebuilt one coming but not sure if I should check something before I plug it in. The pics show where it’s burnt at.


Hi Mike
This is a very common problem on all makes of car and it is purely down to age although it is possible for other components to fail and do damage. Remember that these cars are now 30 years old and well beyond their intended life span. If you would like to sell the old one, I would be interested as I use these to repair others that need parts.

Thank you Joe that does make me feel better! I would definitely sell it back to you - hell I’d give it to you- but we had to return it to the place we bought a new one for core exchange.

You could send it into an ecu repair company to test if the circuitry is still good, if it is, is well worth having it rebuilt. Ecu’s should be service atleast every 10-15 years as that’s the intended lifespan of these cars when they were built. I recently sent one in for my 87 firebird, only cost $200 for them to inspect and rebuild it, mine however was damaged, but for a couple hundred dollars more, they made a replacement. I’m not sure if Mitsubishi made their ecu’s life General Motors; there were several variations depending on year and engine size. Mine happens to be the unicorn of the ecu’s for GM, since my forbid is a trans am gta with a tpi (tuned port injection) motor. Used ecu’s go for around $200 if you can find the correct service number, then you’d spend another $200 to service it anyway. So first step would be to send yours in to be inspected and rebuilt for $200 as a wise investment.

Thanks we found a refurbished one! lol the core was more than the ecu we bought! They definitely want them back!

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