ECU 1991 NA Auto

Hey guys,

I’m after a 1991 ECU from NA auto.

My ECU is playing up. Hopefully another one will sort out some of the gremlins I have been having.

I am after this model number MD159961.

There was one on ebay just recently, it did not sell, it may get relisted, keep an eye.

Cheers mate, any chance you could DM me the eBay link, if its still in your watch list.
I will try to contact the seller.

Damn I deleted it from my watch list. You can look the seller up by his nick ‘motochatty09’. He doesnt have it currently in his listings, maybe he has sold it or maybe not, drop him a message tho.

Cheers mate, funnily enough, I was the one who won the bid. The guy refuses to send it or let me collect it. I’ve opened a dispute with eBay to get my money back.

I managed to get a refurbished one from someone breaking a GTO. But my problem doesn’t seem to be the ECU , so it was a waste of time and money :sob: