ECS Strut Simple Fix

Hi all
I had the flashing sport/tour lights for a while and so had the previous owner. Anyway, after checking all I could and changing a few things, I tried a known working shock by simply connecting the strut tops from each corner to the shock, and when I finally checked the back rear passenger one, the lights stopped flashing. So I reconnected the strut top connector back to the stuck shock and disconnected the actual connector from the loom next to it. Using the diagram below, I connected a 12v power pack to the Black (ground) and White (motor) pins at the end of the flexible connector and listned for the actuator in the strut to operate. It was audible and sounded bit jumpy at fist but after leaving it connected for 15 seconds, I reversed the cables to turn the motor back the other way for 15 seconds. after doing this a few times it had freed itself up and now work as it should.



Haven’t got a working (definitely) top but its in for MOT soon so will get sparks to try this . Had flashing since I bought it in 2017 but ride is good so never worried. But would be good to get it sorted and can sell the adjustables I bought couple of years ago.