ECS - slightly different problem

Hello all my name is Lee. I have a 1998 GTO SR.

I had a shock replaced (with a 2nd hand one) the other day. the ECS has always worked fine before. the thing is, its fine on startup, but after 5 mins of driving the ‘tour / sport’ light flashes and it stays in sport mode.

Id be fine if it stayed in tour mode. but guessing if I disabled the ECS ECU (in the boot) it would just stay in sport mode?

I can’t understand why it works fine for a bit, then errors.

anyone else had this problem? thanks

Hi, I disconnected the ECS ECU and thankfully it now drives in tour mode only. I guess if I wanted to use sport mode I can just plug it back in ha. strange though how both work but just not through the button anymore.

If you press the tour/sport button while stationary does that cause the flashing error? The 2nd hand strut probably has issues alternating between modes. Curiously, I didn’t know the 98 GTO SR (non-turbo I assume?) even had ECS, so that’s a new one on me!

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Hi, yes it works perfect when you turn the key and stood still, also for the 1st 5 minutes of driving. I can alternate between the 2 fine. But after 5 minutes it starts to flash and noticeably stays in sport mode. It has to be something with the replacement strut but Im not sure what, as it proves it can work fine at the beginning. Yes, the GTO SR is the non Turbo model (z15) - it had the ECS from new/factory (the only non turbo specs it has missing is the 4WS and Cruise Control). thanks

It could possibly be the ECS control unit failing, let me know the part number of the unit in the drivers boot area and the pin counts (the later ones had more pins in the connectors) as I have a couple of known good spare units you could try to see if that sorts it?


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Hi, thanks for the reply. Just checked now and the part number is MB629056 (X4T62271, 8323).

There are 2 connectors the larger one has 16 pin holes and the smaller one has 12 pin holes.

thanks for your help

Ah, yours is the earlier style - the spare ones I have use connectors with 12 and 20 pin. I had to get a 12/16 one from the USA from a 95 dodge stealth and it worked fine in my 91 GTO. Weird how your car doesn’t use the later version. Sorry.

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Ah ok, thanks for checking anyway. Very strange that it has the early version. I will keep an eye out for any on sale - might be worth a shot if I find one. thanks