Driveshaft info please

Hey there folks. Angela here from New Zealand. I am in the process of putting a Gen 1 TT back together and am missing driveshaft and axles. I understand that the TT axles are stronger than the NA and also that the TT 5 speed gearbox is also stronger than the NA 5 speed. But wait - there’s more. Apparently there is also a difference between the TT driveshaft and NA.
I cannot ascertain any difference using the Mitsubishi parts catalogue schematics, so can someone please provide more info…

I wait with baited breath…

TT and NA front axles are the exact same after 93.

My vehicle is a 1991. I didnt realise there was no difference in those after 1993. I wish it were the same for those pre 1993

Thanks for that. Wish mine was after 1993

Also, yes the transmission is stronger in the TT as well. It is a completely different transmission though. You could swap a TT transmission into a NA, however you’d need a TT flywheel and TT starter, as well as TT transfer case. It would make the car slower though because of the gearing being so tall, compared to the NA trans.

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Interesting. I wasnt aware that the starter was different. I thought an NA starter would be OK as compression lower on a TT. Looks like I’ll need to do some collecting lol. Currently running a TT throttle body on the NA as the idle screw was mashed on the NA one. Runs just fine and I just removed the dash pot.

Compression has nothing to do with it. The wheel is different which is why you need a TT starter.

A NA transmssion is made by Mitsubishi, the TT transmission is made by Getrag. Again, unless you are TT swapping you don’t want to swap in a TT transmission.

OK. So the TT 5 speed is Getrag?

That would be correct.

Jeepers that makes it difficult to source stuff then, especially since there are often, seemingly benign differences between different years and between NA and TT. Even down to the oil pump which TT and NA do not share. Thanks for your info Stealthee

Cool. Something to keep in mind is that the Gen1 TT original 3-piece propeller shaft has a rubber insert in the rear piece. This provides additional vibration isolation from the rear end. They actually featured this in their original literature. If you can get that version, I’d recommend it.

I ordered an “OEM” replacement and they sent me the proper 3-piece, but it didn’t have the rubber insert. At speeds 100-140 mph, it’s a noticeable rumble, that tends to level out a bit above that. Doesn’t affect the stability, but it’s still noise.

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Thanks for that MitsuGT93. Unfortunately, from what I can see, the driveshaft is no longer available. Unless there are other suppliers out there, I tend to go through Amayama and it’s nada. I’ll try for second hand if I can find it

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I was going to purchase a propshaft from amayama until they tried to charge me £550 for postage ! They had one available last month

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How long ago was that? When I’ve looked there are none available. Gen 1?

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Last month, they were getting a price on postage for me as it wasnt coming up - at this point they usually say if its in stock or not. They came back with the ridiculous postage price so decided not to get one !

I’ve actually had heaps of refunds from Amiyama as I dont think their site is fully up to date.