Driver side red door light

Hello all my name is: Ian
I have a 1996 3000gt
Recently the little red light on the driver side door no longer lights up and the loud sound the door makes when i open it while the car is turned on no longer makes any sound. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?


Hi Ian
This is most likely a faulty or corroded door switch which is located at the bottom of the B post.

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Feel like this might be a stupid question but what is the B post?

The A post is the section of metal that goes down the side of the wind shield from roof to front wing. The B post is the section that runs from the roof to the floor next to your shoulder and the C post is the one that goes from the roof to the back quarter panel. They are effectively, the 6 posts that hold up your roof.

oh i see yes i know what you are talking about. Any idea if this is a simple fix? I dont really care all that much that the door no longer makes that very loud sound when i open it. However the red light id like to get back working for when i open the door at night time.

Just remove the switch and clean the contacts. If the light works, the buzzer will work unless you unplug the buzzer from behind the dash.

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Alright thanks for the replies, will try that out and see what happens.