Door window weather strips

Hi. To avoid me trying to reinvent the wheel, has there been any research done on the feasibility of installing replacement rubber on an existing metal trim. I’ve not yet taken my trims of but from the tutorial on removing them the profile of the rubber looks a little like the Land Rover Defender. I’m sure the technology is available for bonding of metal to rubber from the likes of 3M or others. Tell me it’s already been attempted and I’ll start saving for some from China!

The problem with the window strip is two-fold. The coating comes off the metal, and the rubber itself gets hard and starts scratching the glass. So even if you fix the aesthetic of the peeled coating you still have to deal with the hardened rubber.

I honestly have no idea if it has been attempted. However you can either buy the china ones or the oem ones. I believe they are both pretty similar in price these days.

I thought the OEM ones where non existent these days, Where did you see them for sale ?

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Ugh… I like to order 2 of those, but they dont send outside of US… Darnit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am planning to try this. I want to spray paint or plastidip the outer metal area and glue on a new rubber weather strip inside. There is black weather strip glue you can buy. Now to find a rubber piece that is similar shaped.

I’m impressed! I don’t need one but for you to find that part by drilling down through all the menu items took some diligence. It’s amazing how inexpensive the weatherstripping itself is.

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johanthomsen, if you want to purchase those, you can have them sent to my home and I’ll ship them to you.

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