Door window scratches

Anybody know the best way to get rid of the light scratches left behind on the door windows? Looking for a product that can remove those scratches. Dont want to buy a glass kit and have it not work. Anyone know any good ones?

Hopefully you get a reply . Mine both need attention and can do when TT comes back from spraying and I get new chinese window door seals.

Have used good old “Brasso” and an electric orbital paint buffer to remove acid spots and fine scratches off the windows of a Mark 3 Toyota Supra. Worked really well and was cheap as chips!

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Hello Ian2160, try steel wool. I have used it many times to remove light scratches and imperfections in glass. It MUST be 0000 wool , nothing else.

ill have to look into that

Can anyone explain to me from where the scratches comes from, it seems a gto problem. I cannot here any cling sound against a metal when winding the windows. So i cannot see from the problem is.

Its grit and dust becomes trapped between the glass and the bristle on the window seal.

You need to leave the car in absolute dirt lol not washing the car is like nit washing myself. :slight_smile:

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As with my own car previous owners have not been as fussy as we are.

Yes of course they don’t appreciate these cars like we do. When im driving her its like im in a dream. :slight_smile: But with afraid of some trouble camming up.

The only way to remove a scratch from glass is to sand them out like a show car paint job and then polish it. In most cases, you’d need to replace the glass because any sanding will distort the glass.

If it’s scuffed, then you can polish the glass to remove it.

Is recommend getting glass polishing compound and use an electric polisher. You might not get the scratch completely removed, but it will be far less obvious.

Here’s a YouTube link showing a guy polishing a window.

Good luck, how this helps.

You mean deep scratches? I have very light scratches on mine and in his video says you can remove very fine scratches with just a polisher.

Yes, light scratches should be able to polish out almost completely, depending on how deep it is.

Yeah the scratches I have you cant even feel them and can barely see them unless you look at the right angle. Gonna try to polish it out using that block thing he used in the video. Will wait until after winter though. Ill be sure to post before and after pictures.

Great, look forward to seeing the results