Door glass windows

Hi everyone, any one has good condition door glass windows with out any scratches, i want to change mine, they are scratched.

There’s one of the guys on gtouk can refurbish them and from what I remember it’s a good job.

Have a little problem, i dont live in uk. :frowning: Here in malta i didn’t find any one eho refurbish them. But thanks anyway.

Google glass polishing Malta, there seem to be loads of places that do it

Omg i didnt search Google, i just went to a place which i used to go to buy glasses and asked them if there is anyone on the island who can do it. And told me no nobody. Lol
Thanks alot :blush: really happy.

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No problem, hope you get sorted, must do the same myself


Yep i will let you know how i did. Give you some updates. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, but I live in Hungary. :slight_smile:
I went to a few specialist here in the glass-refurbishing area, but after I chased the repair for a while things were lead to the same result: there are no companies here which I know and which is able to help me fix my issue (not because the damage is so big that it’s unable to repair or stg like that). I even started to thinking on the usage of the resin which the specialist people use for fixing small cracks from small rocks and etc in the windshield… :confused:

Last update for polishing the windows, it seems that a good product to polish the windows was stopped from entering the eu and have been replaced with another product which it doesn’t do a good polish and leave the windows matt. So the polisher needs to try more product s how to bring back to shine. Hence i need to wait for more progress. I hope it will be completed before i leave the earth. Lol.