Door Card Removal

Hi all and Joe,

I’ve watched the door card removal video several times and just can’t seem to detach the card. I verified I removed all screws, the door handle trim etc. Does anyone know if the cards were also attached with a glue? When I try to force it up and out to get it off I am putting a lot of pressure on the card and only releasing the furthest catches (from the door hinge) along the window opening. Was really hoping to lubricate my regulator but not willing to crack my door card. Any advice appreciated.

If I remember correctly once all fixings are removed slide the card backwards towards the rear of the car.

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I know the door card is not attached to the door by glue. Its possible something is stuck But im not sure. Ive only ever removed my door card twice

Just fitted new driver side regulator with lap top beside me and no probs? Tilting it to back and lifting as spursman says .

Once you see the metal hook you’ll see right away. Joe’s video shows it I believe

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