Does a TT transmission fit into a N/A body?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering, I have a Twinturbo swapped imported GTO but still have the 5speed manual gearbox in there (handling the current power fine)

I want to swap it over to a 6speed TT transmission because stupidly I’ve already bought a lightened flywheel and stage 4 clutch kit with the intention of tuning it but it’s for the TT transmission.

Just unsure as to weather or not it would be a straight swap or if it’s even possible.


I am surprised an N/A 5 speed works with a TT engine but if you have it bolted up and it’s running then it must do.

The 6 speed TT box will fit onto any TT engine in any car as they all use the same mounts. There are some other parts you will have to swap:

  1. need a 6 speed TT transfer case
  2. need to change the front of the propshaft as the 5 and 6 speed TT cases are different lengths
  3. the gear selector linkage I also think is different from 5 speed to 6 speed.

So in short it is doable but you need the parts etc…


Thanks mate that helps a bunch, yeah the nonturbo transmission has been fine on the TT engine however the clutch does tend to slip under the more aggressive style of driving.

Il keep every one updated on how it goes :+1:t2:


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The other things I forgot to mention was the front driveshaft- the drivers side (UK) for a 6 speed is slightly different as well - you can get these for around £50 on eBay. Also do check the rear diff is compatible with the gearbox- remember US and euro/Jap rear differential are different and the associated parts in the TT gearbox need to be matched.

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