Dodge stealth ES

Hi guys and girls what are people’s thoughts on dodge stealths? There is a possibility one may be appearing in my life soon haha. It’s a 2wd na, with some issues.


I’ve seen one for sale online, I’m guessing it’s the same car as they’re a fairly rare sight in the UK? Would be a cool thing to own though. Being LHD might put some people off, but I’ve driven a LHD drive car in the UK before and didn’t really find it to be much of an issue except for drive-thrus and overtaking!

Very used to left hand drives had 5 eclipses and a Pontiac Firebird, drive through are an issue though haha

Hey! Just to let you know the Stealth and 3000gt is the same car. Dodge had a partnership with Mitsubishi to bring the 3000gt in America under the name Stealth. Sadly all was terminated when the Viper came along and the Stealth died in its shadow. In the end is which trim package appeals to you the most. Hope this helps a little in your decision.

If you decide not to buy it, I would be interested for my collection and for the videos. :grin:

Going to get it Saturday it keeps cutting out apparently, the guy has tried having it fixed by a gto specialist, and it has lots of new bits but hasn’t replaced some parts i would expect for a car that cuts out just after starting

Wishing you the best of luck with it! If it’s the one I think it is, that red interior is fantastic :ok_hand: