Do you guys have any recommendations for 3000gt cold air filters? KNN, INJEN?

I am about to purchase a new cold air filter. Are there other good products besides KNN and INJEN? I want to buy KNN, but I am struggling because the price is too expensive.

try get a 2nd hand k&n like one in picture . ran these for years with no issues and can clean and re oil them .

you mean k&n is best?

There is no “best” really. K&N is ok.

Also what they are advertising isn’t really a coil air intake. It’s a filter replacement. A cold air intake runs an extension tube down into the wheel well and out of the engine bay. I wouldn’t recommend a true cold air anyway due to the threat of sucking up water in the rain.

Regardless, if you see any gains it will be a one horsepower or less. And if you think $220 is too expensive, you own the wrong car.

I dont really understand why people spend big money on items like this that make little to absolutely no difference… Sure if you boost the car to massive horsepower, then the airflow got to be modified to follow suit, but on a standard engine the original setup should more the suffice… But hey, each has their own taste :slight_smile:

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Mine has hks twin mushroom type. Looks good and works fine . I change the filters regularly.

Unless you have a fmic and upping the power you will probably loose power instead of gaining due to the fact it’s sucking warm air .I would leave stock on a stock engine.

I prefer stock myself but if you want to change, I have this k&n if you are interested.
It does not come with maf or aluminium pipe.

Agree. Mine was there when I bought the car or I’d have left stock.

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